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Hello and welcome to the english page of 1. Badminton Club Bad Homburg e.V.

Due to the growing demand of international badminton players spending time at work/life in and around the Frankfurt/Bad Homburg area and are looking for a possibility to play against [different] others on a court in a non-commercial-center. This is a short summary of the main contents on the german pages for a quick more or less self explaining reference in english linked to our corresponding sites in german.

Where our home is:
The sportscenter is located in the Frölingstrasse next to the Humboldtschule in Bad Homburg. Cars can find a free parking slot right in front of the sportscenter on a semi-public parking lot. Please note the Frölingstrasse is a one way street, so entering directly from the Urseler Strasse is not possible, please take a circle via Hessenring and Schleussnerstrasse.

When we are there:
The senior training session starts every Monday at 19:00h FFM-Time lasting until 22:00h. More training possibilities are availiable, if a [part time-] membership is eventually etablished. The juniors < 18 years train on Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00h.
(unfortunatly both above applies not during regular school holidays in the state of Hessen)

Training sessions

Who we are and what we offer:
The club exists since 1986 and offers the complete variety of badminton specific activities starting from junior beginners to semi professional teamplayers in the Frankfurt district league and seniors practicing their skills gained in years on a recreational basis. In this environment it should be easily possible to find a suitable opponent to have a challenging game and most important a good time together. Quite a lot of our permanent members are fluent in english, so communication outside the court is also no problem. New players are always most welcome, even if only for a limited time. The first couple of training sessions are with no obligation and should be used as a trial to find out if the club offers the kind of (leisure) sports activity you are looking for. We are also offering short time memberships on a personal basis, considering the fact that your stay in Frankfurt/Germany is limited in advance.

Become a member

For further contact:
Everything else is best negotiated with one of our Officials always present on Thursdays when you just stop by with the appropriate sports gear (please note: non marking sport shoes oblige, sufficient club rackets are always availiable for anybody in need) ready to start playing right away. For additional urgent needed information you can also mail us in advance.

Contact us
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We hope to see you soon personally and are looking forward to share some great moments playing together or against each other on the court!!